Tuesday, 1 September 2020

#Nifty #Outlook 2nd Sep : OI Data Analysis

  1. FII +4944 long - 9631.                                 DII - 983 long - 5223 short
  2. DII and FII have 21% & 64% long position respectively
  3. FII AND DII have net long and short of position respectively 
  4. Broad Range for Nifty looks like 11000 - 11900
  5. Nifty took support at 20 DEMA and bounced. Inside bar formation 11358 is 20 DEMA 
  6. Bank Nifty had support at 22827 20 DEMA for now has formed inside bar let's see how week progresses 

Option Chain Data Interpretation

  1. Highest OI for Puts are at 11.4k followed by 11.3k which will act as support
  2. Highest OI for call is at 11.5k & 11.6k which will provide resistance to upmove
  3. Call writers getting light on lower levels likewise put writers at higher levels indicating possible sideways movement
  4. Sideways movement is expectation

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