Sunday, 6 September 2020

#Nifty #Outlook 7th Sep : OI Data Analysis

  1. FII  - 4439 long + 4263                                           DII + 1161 long - 3495 short
  2. DII and FII have 24% & 54% long position respectively
  3. FII & DII have net long and short of position respectively 
  4. FII are cutting longs and DII are upping longs
  5. Broad Range for Nifty looks like 11000 - 11900 down side range may open up let's see how market unfolds
  6. Nifty closed at 11333 below 20 DEMA (11382). Nifty HH HL pattern broken. Just near shakeout low. Next support is 11063.
  7. BankNifty closed at 23011  just above 20 DEMA 22984. This will be key level to watch out

Option Chain Data Interpretation

  1. Highest OI for Puts are at 11.3k followed by 11.2k which will act as support
  2. Highest OI for call is at 11.5k & 11.6k which will provide resistance to upmove
  3. Build are pushed back can they bounce back needs to be seen
  4. Market data has turned negative let's if Market closes above Mondays low as well as 20 DEMA

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